Advertising SMS and
customer service system

Simple to use, easy on the Web. Support display brand name (Brandname)
Integrate with Website, available software of businesses through API.

Detail Service


SMS Marketing & Customer Service ...
Text ads support target over 6 criteria.


Smart system - Support processing based on AI algorithm

Campaign scheduling - Report statistics.
Data storage - Analyzing customer groups.
The latest Big Data technology is applied directly.
Provide API of all services on the system.

New feature - And unique

ESMS.VN always updates Marketing trends and implements new features to support customers to achieve the highest efficiency in campaigns to reach their business goals.
As an SMS Global system, ESMS always supports our customers in every aspect of SMS agent or end user.


Oriented as an international business with B2B services, ESMS.VN always builds good customer service quality to meet the requirements even the highest.

24/7 customer service and technical support.

Online system is 100% automated with no installation required.

Strong target audience support like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Support for service registration for both individuals and businesses - Domestic and foreign.

Is a direct SMS and Voice distributor that offers the most competitive prices for businesses.


Follow ESMS.VN for updates about new features, new promotions, or important notes for your services on the system.