As we can see from the previous studies, over 90% of Short Messages Service are read within three minutes approximately of receipt. The interaction rate is three to seven times higher than with other campaigns such as emails. Besides, the SMS campaign creates an almost more five times higher order rate.  

It can be seen that no other marketing tool can be confident to brag about these results. 

Although SMS is the marketing channel that emerged a long time ago, it is still widely used by many enterprises due to its flexibility.  

Let’s dive into the particulars of SMS campaigns and see how you can employ Short Message Service into your business strategy.

1. What is a good SMS campaign?

An SMS campaign allows you to interact with your customers via messages. They have a lot in common with email campaigns, but message marketing campaigns are even more personal than an email. This is because people mainly use text messages to communicate with their friends and family.

SMS campaigns have an image limit, up to 160 characters. However, this marketing channel is faster and proven to be more effective.

As same as email marketing, SMS marketing can be segmented so you can send different messages to your audience. Automated text messages confirming transactions, shipping notifications and reminders of abandoned carts are automated. They are sent only when activated and only to customers who enable them.

Like email, successful SMS campaigns can be automated. You create a campaign, select a recipient audience/segment, and send that campaign to the list you just selected.

2. How to run an SMS Campaign?

You cannot send your SMS campaign just by using your mobile phone. Instead, you must find an SMS marketing service provider — our list of SMS marketing tools can help you do that. 

It's simple to create SMS campaigns, as they are just text and don't have any design content. Here's how creating an SMS campaign with eSMS looks like:

SMS marketing is more expensive than email. Therefore, you should initially try to reach your customers via email, and then by SMS if the subscriber is not interacting with the email. Alternatively, SMS campaigns can be used if you want to send a time-sensitive message, as they are usually opened faster than email.

At the same time, you can also launch Facebook to retarget the same audience. This way, you'll gain more rapport with your customers, and it'll be easier to convince them to shop with you — especially with holiday campaigns.

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3. How to track SMS campaign?

Tracking the results of SMS campaigns looks a bit different from email campaigns due to technological limitations. Most notably, we weren't able to see open rates with SMS campaign reports.

Instead, the tools can track the number of SMS sent, click-through rates, and sales. This includes the number of sales that have been made and the cumulative amount they have earned.

4. Choosing a reputable SMS campaign provider

Besides creating a message template yourself, another solution to optimize the effectiveness of promotional SMS templates is to choose to register for a messaging service at a reputable provider.

eSMS - The leading quality and professional SMS Brandname sending service provider in Vietnam.

Registering and using SMS service here, customers will be very assured by:

- Professionally technical department and make an effort to support customers to the best of their ability;

- Service implementation is easy thanks to the API to integrate the enterprise's software with the eSMS system after successfully registering as a customer;

- The most competitive mobile marketing solution provider;

- …

Above all, eSMS has been trusted by many big-brand enterprises such as Vinfast, Futa, Thaco, P&G, Toss,...

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5. Ending

SMS Campaign has become a separate marketing channel in recent years. Not only is it effective in its own right, but it also integrates seamlessly with existing other marketing tools such as email marketing. 

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